Donna gets the go ahead to return home and she impulsively kisses Ross in her excitement. The pair are stunned and Donna hurriedly pulls away and tells Ross to get out. Ross pleads with Donna that the kiss must have meant something to her, but Donna hurtfully denies it. Donna hides her guilt when she speaks to Marlon. Donald is rushed to hospital and his life is saved but Anna is upset to learn he will need a pacemaker. When Donald comes round he tells Anna that he wants to sign the business over to her but she turns him down and insists that she wants to win his trust by fair means. Father and daughter are reunited and vow to bring down the Kings. Nicola begins her book reading but the violent content soon has the horrified parents leading their kids out of the room. Belle is the only one left apart from a fuming Rodney, who suddenly appears, much to Nicola's horror. Rodney furiously tells Nicola to never darken his door again. A sulky Nicola packs her bags and turns up on the doorstep of a less than thrilled David! Also, Debbie asks a shocked Katie if Andy ever hit her.


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