Eli takes a job for Debbie driving Louise back from the airport and he asks Louise how it feels to be engaged. Louise tells him how happy she is, but after she leaves the cab, Eli finds an engagement ring on the back seat and decides to keep it himself. He tells a stunned Marlon that he's going to propose to Debbie! Debbie is concerned by the news that Jo is pregnant and worries that Sarah will come second once the baby is born. Debbie confronts Jo, who calls her bluff by suggesting that Debbie take on Sarah if she's so worried. Debbie backs down but she later sadly tells Eli that even if she did wants custody she would have no chance because she's a single mum. Meanwhile, Jo feels wracked with guilt when Andy tells Sarah she's going to have a baby brother or sister. Nicola is staying with Paul at The Woolpack but Val is losing patience with having her hanging around especially when she finds her doodling Rollercoaster Rod rewrites on The Woolpack menus. Val begs Rodney to take her back in but Rodney refuses and throws another bin bag of her belongings at Nicola instead. Also, Donna asks Marlon to post her resignation letter.


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