Nicola finds herself with nowhere to go when Val chucks her out and she's also penniless, as the publishers won't give her any more money until March. Paul reluctantly offers to let Nicola move in, but Katie is furious when Nicola takes over her room while she's out, as well as ruining the only photo Katie has of Perdy's baby. The girls end up in a catfight and Paul has to prise them apart! Eli practises his proposal and heads to the garage to see Debbie, who is under a car when he arrives. Debbie asks Eli to pass her a screwdriver and he slips the ring onto it, but it falls off before Debbie can see it. Eli is gutted that he's bungled the proposal. Gennie suggests he make it more memorable and he decides to propose properly the following day. Jamie is worried that Louise is playing away when she keeps avoiding him. Louise confides in Terry that she's lost her engagement ring and is dreading confessing to Jamie. He turns up at the B&B with a rose and a declaration of love and a tearful Louise tells Jamie that the ring is being cleaned. Also, Brenda plans to ask Gennie to move into the flat with her.


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