Eli takes Debbie on a romantic picnic and pops the question. Debbie is amused but Eli insists that he adores her and wants to help her get custody of Sarah. Debbie agrees to marry him, but stresses that it is only as a ploy to get Sarah. Back at The Woolpack, Louise discovers Debbie is wearing HER engagement ring and a brawl ensues and a fed up Debbie storms out. Eli tells Debbie that if she keeps walking then they are over for good and he's gutted when Debbie keeps going. Eli steals a car from the garage and he nearly knocks over a woman hitcher. Eli screeches to a halt, but the woman tries to carjack him. Eli is stunned to discover that the would-be carjacker is his old friend, Danielle! David and Nicola decide to buy Tenants Cottage and Nicola visits Donald to demand a divorce settlement for the deposit. Anna throws Nicola out but she decides to get Nicola onside when Donald points out that wily Nicola would be a good ally against the Kings and she offers to get Nicola a job at Home Farm and a settlement if she'll spy for her. Also, Jamie and Louise set a date for a Christmas wedding.


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  • This one-hour episode was broadcast at the programme's usual time of 7.00pm.

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