Simon arrives in the village; taking a liking to Kitty and clashing with Matt. Meanwhile, Matt is infuriated when Joe and Kitty fail to turn up to help him, leaving Annie puzzled...


Matt is back from Darlington and reports that there is no change with Jessie. Joe discovers he has a new neighbour, Simon, moving into Demdyke Row. Matt meets him as he rushes to Demdyke Row and impatiently waits for Matt to move his sheep out of the road. Kitty finally meets Matt and is upset with him when he insults her cooking. Amos meets Simon and discovers he's moving into 5 Demdyke Row. Matt apologises to Kitty. Joe offers to help Simon with moving in. He takes him to The Woolpack for a drink. Amos is appalled to find Simon is living and working in Manchester and assumes he is using the house for weekend visits. Sam sends a postcard from Morecambe where he is on holiday with Arthur, he complains that Arthur is constantly going for walks when he just wants to rest. Matt is touchy with Simon when he arrives at Emmerdale Farm to borrow sheets from Annie. He takes a liking to Kitty. Joe asks her to help him with ideas for the Young Farmers' Social, having been asked to organise it again this year. Amos decides to write a special feature for the Hotten Courier on the dangers to rural communities when city people buy country houses and only live in them at weekends. Annie invites Simon to tea. She's puzzled when Matt arrives back at the farmhouse early. He informs her that Kitty and Joe should have been helping him but they haven't turned up and he's not doing anymore on his own.


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