Henry discovers the Inglebrook House fire was caused by a burning coal falling on the rug. Peggy goes into labour and gives birth to a baby boy and girl.


Jim visits Penny at Beryl's and asks her out, but she says she's meeting Joe in The Woolpack but he's welcome to join them. Joe and Matt have managed to salvage some of Henry's belongings from the Inglebrook fire, while Annie has offered him a bed at Emmerdale Farm. Henry tells Amos and Alison the fire was caused by a red hot cinder on the rug as he drowns his sorrows in The Woolpack. Reverend Ruskin offers Henry a bed at the Vicarage, he accepts. Peggy goes into labour. Penny tells Jack that Peggy has been taken to hospital. Henry talks to Reverend Ruskin about asking Alison to marry him; Reverend Ruskin says there's something he needs to know about her. Jim asks Alison about Penny. Henry barges into The Woolpack and informs Alison he has received her message from Reverend Ruskin, she says she doesn't want to discuss her private life in the bar. Jack, Joe, Penny and Sam wait for news on Peggy at home; Jack receives a phone call from Wallace. Annie and Matt are anxious at the hospital. Jim waits for Penny at the millhouse, he asks if he can sit with her in church and help with the decorating. Peggy has given birth to a boy and a girl.


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Sam Pearson: "I hate fires. The one thing I can't bear t'thought of being caught up in is a fire."
Peggy Skilbeck: "You do your best to get on top of it 'ere."

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