Marlon tries to help Donna, but only irritates her with his over-protectiveness. A bored Donna decides to help Jamie in the shop and she is frosty with Ross when he comes in for a newspaper. Marlon is cross when he discovers Donna in the shop instead of resting at home, but a fed-up Donna tells Marlon to stop trying to mollycoddle her. Lily finds a rough-looking Peter on her doorstep and he confesses he's in big financial trouble and is close to losing both his home and his business. Peter asks Lily if she has any funds to help him with an investment opportunity, but Lily confesses she's pretty skint. Lily suggests he turns to Edna, but he point blank refuses and Lily feels bad about letting him down. Danielle makes another effort to get Eli onside and during the course of their conversation it's clear that Eli once got banged up trying to help Debbie out with an ex-boyfriend. Eli softens when Danielle says he's the only man who has ever treated her right and he can't resist when Danielle pulls him into a passionate kiss. Also, Lexi gets Lisa onside when she sides with the workers and not Eric during paintballing.


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