Eli is well and truly wrapped round Danielle's little finger after their night of passion. But when Debbie turns up she clocks that Danielle has a suspicious-looking bag and demands that Danielle reveal the contents. After a tussle, a bag of drugs spills out of the bag and Danielle is forced to confess to the horrified Dingles that she stole the drugs from some gangsters called the McFarlanes! Eli begs the Dingles not to kick out Danielle. Edna is worried about Lily and asks Pearl to do some investigating, but Lily is sharp with Pearl. Lily spends the morning entering competitions and Pearl confides in Edna that she suspects Lily may have financial problems. Edna tries to talk to Lily, but is given short shrift as Lily keeps the news of Peter's money worries to herself. Jo asks Andy to attend anger management classes, but Andy angrily refuses the suggestion. Jo worries that she's wound up Andy and tells him that the doctor has told her to avoid getting stressed. Andy feels guilty and agrees to go to the class. Andy skips the class, but lies to Jo that he's been, who gratefully thanks him for making an effort. Also, Donna is angry that Ross convinced Vaughan to reject her resignation.


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