Danielle is packed into the Dingle van and Zak and Eli set off with her to drop her at the station. But when Danielle claims she's got places to stay in London it's obvious she's lying and Zak and Eli feel guilty. Eli pulls over for a toilet stop and a passing Shane decides to inspect the van. Shane finds the drugs on Danielle and arrests her. Eli accuses Debbie of tipping off the police and trashes the Dingle homestead in his frustration. Chas hears that Ross is looking for a date to the police comedy ball and she hints that she's available. Chas is confused when a miserable Ross initially turns her down, but she cheers him up and he agrees. Chas suggestively remarks that they return to his place to finish off the evening and Ross's defences are broken down. Lily enters a radio trivia competition and gets Pearl on standby with an encyclopedia to help out. Lily fluffs the last question and is rewarded with only a car sticker. Lily is crushed and blurts out to Pearl that Peter is on the verge of financial ruin, but she has vowed to help him out. Also, Donna guiltily assures Marlon that she loves him.


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