Ross feels guilty about betraying his feelings for Donna by sleeping with Chas and when Donna hears the news she is rocked. Ross bitterly tells her that she can't have it both ways and reject him and then expect him to give up women. Ross is frustrated when Donna reins in her feelings and wishes him luck. Later, Ross asks Chas to the police ball in a bid to forget about Donna. Eli refuses to believe Debbie's insistence that she didn't rat on Danielle. Eli bumps into Shane, who hints that Danielle has been shipped back to London as she's wanted in connection with other crimes. Eli vows to go after her and is touched when a worried Lisa offers to go with him. Lily continues to put on a brave face, but Pearl sees straight through it. When Lily is sent home from the factory due to her arthritis, Pearl convinces Lily to go to the chemist to get some medication to ease the pain. Lily is grateful for Pearl's support, but she is later angry when Pearl tells Edna that Lily had to take time out from work. Also, Scarlett skives off, but spends the day cleaning Daz's house!


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