Donna wakes up next to Ross and is horrified that she has betrayed Marlon. Donna tells Ross that Marlon can never find out or it will destroy him. Back at home, Donna bumps into Shane, who hints that he knows she slept with Ross. A panicky Donna tells Ross, who offers to find out exactly what Shane knows. Ross convinces Donna that Shane knows nothing, but privately has his doubts. Andy suggests that Victoria spends the evening with Jo while he is out for the evening. The girls share a bottle of wine and Jo stuns Victoria when she confesses that there is 'no baby'. Victoria assumes Jo means she's had a miscarriage and urges her to tell Andy. When Andy gets home and spies the empty bottle of wine he is furious with the 'pregnant' Jo for drinking and fights the urge to hit her. Gennie complains to Zak about her mum's overbearing nature and reveals that Brenda has asked her to move in. Zak suggests that Gennie give Brenda a chance and she agrees to live with her for a trial period, but she soon regrets her decision when it's clear Brenda wants them joined at the hip! Also, Paddy has a crush on Chas.


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