Jo vows not to stand for Andy's bullying any longer and she tries to confide in Diane, but Andy warns her to keep her mouth shut. Jo decides to flee to her mum's and she then confesses to Debbie that Andy's been hitting her for months. Jo tells Debbie she's leaving the village and wants Debbie to take in Sarah, but she later wonders if she can leave the child she's come to regard as a daughter. Anna calls Tim, who visits Katie and Matthew and tells them that he wants to expand his stud into Home Farm, on the condition that security at the stables is increased. Matthew agrees to the deal when Tim mentions that he's had another offer. Later, Matthew kisses Anna and she is delighted to have Matthew just where she wants him. Jasmine is determined to get a scoop on the MacFarlanes and their drugs connections and she asks Shane for some information. Slimy Shane agrees to talk to her about drugs crime - but only if she joins him for a drink. Jake is not amused when Jasmine cancels their date to meet Shane and he tries to butt in on their meeting. Also, Laurel encourages Doug to try to win over Brenda.


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