Jo visits Andy in hospital, despite Debbie urging her to flee as soon as possible. Jo is relieved that Andy is going to be OK, but Daz viciously accuses her of causing the accident. Jo is about to tell Daz and Diane about Andy's violence when Andy comes round and interrupts her. Andy warns Jo that he will say she's a liar if she tells the truth. A miserable Jo feels trapped. Carl wonders if he was too hasty turning down the stud deal when Matthew and Jimmy discuss it with him. Carl inspects the stables and overturns his decision, much to the delight of Anna and Katie. Carl and Anna shake hands, but the atmosphere is icy between them, leaving them both wondering how long their truce can last. Bob returns from holiday clearly still missing Viv and when he finds out that Jamie and Louise have set a date for the wedding he begs them to wait until Viv is released. Bob soon has a change of heart and tells Jamie to go ahead with the wedding as planned and he tells Jamie that he's going to find a way to see Viv. Also, Brenda is unenthusiastic on her date with Doug.


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