Andy lies to Diane that Jo threatened him with a knife, but Diane isn't entirely convinced. Diane's worries are stoked when Debbie tells her that Andy beat Jo and she and Daz confront Jo about the claim. When Jo instinctively shrinks from an angry Daz, Diane's worst fears are confirmed. Jo tells all and Diane confronts Andy and warns him that unless he tells the truth, she will stop him from seeing Sarah. Jamie and Louise are frustrated that Nicola has gone on holiday leaving their wedding dangling. Louise is unconvinced when Jamie suggests having Donna as a bridesmaid as she doesn't want to be upstaged by a younger woman and she asks Betty if she will be her matron of honour instead! Bob discovers a way to see Viv when he learns that the prison are after a drama teacher and he decides to attend an open audition, posing as Terry. Terry tries to dissuade him, but Bob ploughs ahead and is unsurprisingly unsuccessful. For a plan B, he asks Jamie if he could change postal rounds in order to do the prison run. Jamie reluctantly agrees, but Terry warns them they could both end up in prison themselves. Also, Edna and Alan team up to help Lily's financial problems.


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