Bob gets togged up in a postie's uniform and accompanies Jamie into the prison. Bob is thrilled when he spots Viv and he shouts out her name, and then blares the car horn to get her attention. Viv is shocked and gives no response as he mouths 'I love you'. Bob is crushed. Lily thinks her prayers have been answered when the factory raffle syndicate comes up trumps and they win a car worth £15,000. Lily tells Peter that when the car is sold she'll have £3k to give, but she's crushed when he says it's not enough and deviously hints that £15k would be more like it. Lily gives Peter the raffle ticket, but is wracked with guilt about deceiving her friends. Betty is excited to be asked to be Louise's matron of honour, not realising the real reason behind the request, and starts organising the hen do for her. Louise wonders if she's made a big mistake! Bob lets slip to Betty that she was asked after Louise vetoed Donna's inclusion and Betty vows revenge on the shallow Louise. Also, Jo takes Sarah to the swings with Debbie and is shaken when she is confronted by an angry Daz.


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