Victoria hears some gossip that Andy was beating up Jo and she tells Diane. Victoria is horrified when Diane confirms that the gossip is true and when she bumps into Daz she tells him about Andy's violence. Daz is stunned by the accusation and confronts Andy. But when Andy insists it's a lie, Daz is easily convinced. Jasmine and Jake are still at odds and Shane only winds up Jake further by propping up The Woolpack bar all day. Jake organises a party to celebrate Mel and Greg selling the house, but pointedly doesn't invite a fuming Shane. Jasmine is pleased with her invitation and clearly still has feelings for Jake. Lily realises she has to tell the factory workers somehow that there is no raffle money and she lies that they misread their raffle ticket number and didn't win. Pearl is blamed for incorrectly memorising the ticket number and giving them false hope and Val furiously lays into her. Pearl, meanwhile, is suspicious of Lily and accuses her of giving the raffle ticket to Peter, but Lily denies it. Also, Bob comes up with another hare-brained scheme to see Viv and decides to hitch a ride in a rubbish truck into the prison!


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