Victoria visits Jo and reveals she knows about her ordeal and offers her support. Debbie joins the ladies for a girly afternoon, but they are terrified when Andy bursts in, having discharged himself from hospital. Jo urges Victoria to run while she and Debbie face up to his fury. As he tries to attack the girls, Daz walks in and is horrified. Debbie, Jo and Victoria flee to The Woolpack to tell Diane what has happened. Diane finds Andy with a bottle of tequila and an open bottle of pills. Andy blames Diane's affair with Billy for all his troubles, but Diane tells him he has no one to blame but himself. Andy finally breaks down and admits to Diane - and himself - that he is violent. Jake's party is interrupted by Shane, who tells him that there have been complaints about the noise. Shane cleverly goads Jake into taking a swing at him by hinting that he slept with Jasmine and then triumphantly arrests him. An unwitting Jasmine is appalled by Jake's behaviour and tells Jake that things are over between them. Also, Brenda helps Bob write a love letter to Viv but worries about what he's planning.


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  • This one-hour episode was broadcast at the programme's usual time of 7.00pm.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 6,880,000 viewers (19th place).
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