Bob is determined to stow away in the back of a rubbish truck to break into the prison and a worried Brenda tells Jamie and Louise. Louise catches Bob on the back of the truck and tries to pull him off, but ends up in the truck as well! Bob is upset and Louise is left furious when the truck goes to the tip, not the prison and they get covered in rubbish. But Bob has new hope when the prison offers him the drama teacher's job. Jake is summoned to court after his arrest for punching Shane. Meanwhile, Ashley takes a call from an upset Mel who reveals that the buyers have pulled out after the house was trashed during Jake's party. Jake is crestfallen that he's let Mel and Greg down and decides to visit them in Portugal to make amends. Diane tells Val that she caught Andy contemplating suicide and Victoria is furious when she overhears. Victoria decides to confront Andy, but Daz talks her round. Later, Daz tells Diane that he's struggling to cope with the news about Andy and she offers to pay for him to go to Portugal with Jake for a break. Also, a cash-strapped Paddy offers Anna to a partnership in the vet's.


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