Bob turns up at the prison for his first day as the new drama teacher and Viv is gobsmacked. Bob picks Viv to 'run through some lines' and whispers to her that he loves her. Viv is distraught and blurts out to the inmates that Bob is her husband before declaring her love and fleeing. Bob is sacked and told he must respect Viv's wishes to be left alone. Ashley and Laurel are surprised when Shadrach gives them a computer, claiming it is going spare from a friend. Ashley worries the computer is knocked-off and Shadrach is hurt. When Shadrach insists the computer came from a skip outside a disused church, Ashley sees it as a sign and reclaims it. Ashley decides to launch a church website to publicise the church music night. Victoria feels abandoned when she discovers that Daz is going to Portugal and she angrily confronts Diane and demands to go with him. Diane refuses to let her have the time off school and she slopes off, sulking. Val takes Victoria aside and reminds her that Diane is struggling too and could do with some adult behaviour from Victoria. Also, Paddy worries about Chas getting on with Anna at the vet's.


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