Ashley quickly learns that the new computer Shadrach sold him for a tenner was stolen from Anna. His day isn't helped any by the Bishop offering him a promotion to a Leeds parish as he fears St Mary's will close. Ashley calls an emergency village meeting to rally support and is disappointed when only Doug and Edna attend. Ashley tells Laurel that he can't fight alone for a parish where he's not wanted and thinks they should tell the Bishop they'll take the job. Jo is shocked when Victoria lets slip about Andy's suicide attempt. Jo wonders whether to go and see him, but together with Victoria, decides that he's no longer her problem. Back in hospital, Andy reveals to Diane that he'll be discharged in a few days, but she worries when Andy tells her he cancelled his psychiatric evaluation. Jo tells Diane she's staying at the farm with Sarah and doesn't want Andy anywhere near them. Brenda tells Gennie that she doesn't feel anything for Doug and is going to finish with him. Gennie thwarts Brenda's attempts to give Doug the brush off and sets them up for a date in The Woolpack. Brenda tells Doug that they're not compatible and admits she has feelings for someone else, but doesn't admit she means Bob. Also, Pearl worries that she doesn't have much in common with Alan, and T.J. spies on Louise as she gets a mysterious phone call.


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