Joe finds himself becoming restless in Beckindale, and soon after finds Simon and Kitty drinking together. Meanwhile, Henry finds himself interested in Irene.


Kitty talks to Matt about the gossip going on in The Woolpack about her and Simon. Henry bumps into Simon's mum, Irene, outside The Woolpack and shows an interest in her. He discovers she's moving to Demdyke Row rather than Simon. Kitty calls for Simon and invites him for a drink in The Woolpack again. Annie asks Amos if Joe can borrow some glasses for the Young Farmers Social; he's reluctant. Kitty, Simon and Irene arrive for a drink in the pub. Annie decides to join them to find out what's going on between Kitty and Simon. Matt can't understand why Joe wants to increase milking three times a day. Henry gives Irene a whiskey on the house and makes an effort to chat to her. He offers to help her with moving in. Kitty's relieved that Annie isn't mad about her seeing Simon, but Annie warns her not to get too wrapped up with him. Joe complains to Matt about Simon seeing Kitty. Henry calls round to 5 Demdyke Row and forces his assistance on Irene, she reluctantly accepts. Amos isn't pleased when Henry tells Annie that Joe can borrow the glasses for the Farmers Social. Joe admits to Matt that he's becoming restless staying in Beckindale. He goes for a drink in The Woolpack and bumps into Simon and Kitty drinking together.


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