Andy is upbeat about getting out of hospital, but Diane brings him down to earth with a bump when she tells him that Jo doesn't want him back at the farm. Andy is forced to accept Diane's offer of a room at the pub, but when Val finds out about Diane's plans she insists she doesn't want Andy living with them. Diane can't bring herself to turn Andy away when his psychiatrist mentions the importance of family and decides to deal with Val later. Ashley and Laurel visit the Leeds church that may soon be their new home. Edna is horrified by their decision and calls a village meeting to discuss an action plan. The villagers unite to save the church by setting up a church choir to enter a regional competition. Laurel and Ashley return and are baffled to witness the villagers' rendition of a Beatles' classic as Sam proclaims they're saving the church! Pearl gets an assortment of highbrow novels from the library in an attempt to impress Alan. Betty laughs at Pearl when Pearl hides her trashy novel inside War and Peace, but she wisely advises Pearl never to be something she's not. Also, Gennie worries about Brenda's crush on Bob.


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