Diane collects Andy from hospital and he meets hostility from the villagers as well as Val and Victoria, while the Dingles warn Diane to keep Andy out of sight. Jo tells Debbie that she's afraid that the Sugdens will force her out of the farm and when Diane visits Butler's Farm, Debbie makes it clear that Andy won't be seeing their daughter. Debbie returns to The Woolpack with Diane and reiterates her feelings to a humiliated Andy. Nicola plots to buy the church cheap and turn it into a housing development and she drops by during the first church choir practice. Laurel is despairing of the chaotic choir and pleads with Nicola to help her sort them out. Nicola refuses to sing but agrees to help out with the organisation. It's clear she's up to something. Ross is distracted when he learns from Paddy that Donna and Marlon are due home and he's happy to discover that Donna has decided to come back to work. Shane learns of Donna's return to work and can't resist taunting Ross. Donna sends Ross a text arranging to meet up and Ross is nervous about what she's going to say. Also, Alan convinces Pearl that he likes her just as she is.


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