Donna and Marlon return from their Spanish break and Donna is frustrated when Ross misses their meet up when he's stuck at work. Ross finally arrives in the middle of Donna and Marlon's meal with Paddy and Chas and he is gutted when Marlon announces that they are trying for a baby. Ross gets Donna alone and tells her he loves her and thinks she's making a mistake, but Donna insists she knows what she's doing. Jo struggles to look after the farm and Sarah and is grateful when Diane helps out. Jo agrees to let Andy take Sarah for the day under supervision from Diane and Andy is over the moon. Debbie is furious with Jo for ignoring her feelings and confronts her, but Jo retorts that it's Debbie's own fault she doesn't have legal rights to Sarah. Debbie is left thoughtful. Anna flirts with Matthew and asks him to give her a tour of the Home Farm grounds then persuades him to take her boating on the lake. Matthew topples overboard and ends up soaked and when Anna laughs, Matthew pulls her, giggling, into the water. Later, Anna secretively retrieves Matthew's ruined watch when he chucks it. Also, Laurel and Nicola plan auditions for the choir.


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