Anna has instructions from Donald to play along with Matthew's request and agree to invest in the Kings. Matthew is thrilled, but Carl is still suspicious of Anna and objects. Matthew is forced to turn down Anna, but when Donald offers to send Anna on a business trip with Matthew as a free consultant he can't resist and agrees. Anna is angry with Donald for giving her orders without consulting her first, but she agrees to go along with it and tap Matthew for more info on the business. Marlon is left downbeat when Diane and Val are unenthusiastic about his sophisticated Christmas menu. Nicola, however, is impressed and offers him the Christmas catering contract at Home Farm. Rodney agrees to double Marlon's Woolpack wages and find a compromise with Diane. Marlon is thrilled that his culinary ambitions are finally being fulfilled. Jasmine is determined to write her story about the MacFarlane's to prove herself at the Courier. Shane warns her off and instead agrees to give her inside information about the drugs trade in Hotten in exchange for a date. Jasmine agrees, but secretly continues her research into the dangerous MacFarlanes. Also, Val suspects Lily may have stolen the winning raffle ticket.


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