Kitty suffers a knock to the head after hitting her head on the steering wheel when she crashes the tractor. Insistent on being fine, she discharges herself from hospital against the doctor's recommendation. Joe is jealous after believing Kitty is meeting with another man on the day of the Farmer's social.


Joe throws a tantrum over Kitty and Simon at breakfast. Annie encourages her to have a good time. Amos isn't pleased to discover Henry's invited Irene for coffee at The Woolpack. Joe tells Kitty he's not competing with Simon. Amos awkwardly joins Henry and Irene for coffee. Henry quickly gets Irene to leave with him and they go for a walk. Simon apologises to Joe for getting it wrong with him and Kitty. He tells Joe he's returning to Manchester and he's welcome to come to stay if he wants to. Amos wants a deposit from Joe for the glasses. Kitty expects a change in Joe's attitude with Simon gone but he refuses to calm down. Annie has Irene over for tea and the two bond over their husbands being dead. Irene asks Annie for ways she can get out and meet people in the village. Annie gives her some membership forms to fill in for the Mother's Union and Women's Institute. Amos worries about how Joe will treat the glasses. Kitty is distracted by Joe shouting to her as she drives the tractor quickly back to the farm. She hits a log and bangs her head on the steering wheel. Joe calls the doctor who tells the Sugdens that she should be fine but needs keeping under observation for 24 hours. He takes Kitty back home when she insists she's fine and her sister can keep an eye on her. She jokes with Joe leading him into thinking she's meeting another man before telling him she'll drop some sausage rolls round to him for his social.


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Annie Sugden: "Still, sometimes I find myself looking at the chair where Jacob used to sit, over there in the corner, and half expecting him to walk in and sit down. Once or twice I've even thought I've even seen him there, only for a moment. I suppose when you're used to a thing, the brain sort of fills it in for you."

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