Jasmine is determined to go through with her date with Shane, despite warning words from Debbie. Jasmine heads round to Shane's for a meal and unsubtly fishes for information on the MacFarlanes. Shane knows exactly what Jasmine is up to but tips her off about an upcoming drugs raid, promising to give her an exclusive. Debbie later warns Jasmine that Shane will want more than a chaste date in return for the information. Edna is indignant when Rodney tells her that the factory workers think Lily stole the raffle ticket and assures Val that Lily is innocent. But doubt creeps into her mind when Pearl reveals that Peter had been asking Lily for money. While Edna's own suspicions grow, the factory workers are convinced of Lily's guilt. Doug gently warns Brenda off Bob and despite denying she has feelings for her boss, she's mortified that her crush is so obvious. Later, Brenda is disappointed when Gennie is unable to spend Halloween with her, but her spirits are lifted when Bob suggests they throw a Halloween party in the cafe together. Brenda is delighted, but it's clear an unwitting Bob has added fuel to Brenda's crush on him. Also, Carl decides to remortgage Mill Cottage to free up extra funds.


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