Jasmine prepares for her big exclusive when Shane informs her that the drugs raid has been pulled forward. But when the tip-off turns out to be wind up, Jasmine is left feeling stupid. Shane apologises that he wasn't there and explains he wanted to spend time with her, but was called out to an emergency. Shane buys Jasmine a drink in recompense, while Jasmine brushes aside Debbie's continuing concern. Lily is back from her trip and Edna confronts her about the raffle ticket. Shane turns up to question Lily about the factory workers claims that she stole the ticket, but lets her go without any further charge. Lily is forced to confess to Edna that she gave the prize to Peter. Edna is horrified when Lily says she'll fake a raffle win for the factory and find the cash to pay them somehow. Brenda arranges Addams Family outfits for herself, Bob and the twins, much to the delight of the partygoers at the cafe's Halloween bash. Brenda uses the apple-bobbing contest at the party to manoeuvre herself closer to Bob, and Gennie is embarrassed for her mum when Chas notices. Also, Nicola takes on the worst singers for the choir as she plots to make it fail.


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