Jo gets a visit from local farmhand Mick Naylor who claims that her broken fence has allowed some of his boss's cows to escape from their farm. Mick reveals that Sam has mistakenly sold some of his boss's cows at the market along with Jo's and demands the money for them. A stressed-out Jo breaks down in tears, but Diane agrees to bail her out. Edna meets up with Peter and tells him she needs the prize car back. Peter spitefully says he's already sold it and invested the money. Edna is furious and Peter dredges up their past as they row. Peter storms off after telling Edna he doesn't care about either her or Lily. A heartbroken Edna lies to Lily that Peter has paid up and plans to find the money herself. Brenda is happy that Bob seems to have cheered up lately and she gives herself credit for his change in mood. Terry comments that Bob and Brenda make a great team, but Bob still can't see that Brenda has a crush on him. Gennie begs Brenda to see that she is misreading Bob's friendliness for something more. A defensive Brenda denies Gennie's assumptions. Also, Nicola surprises herself when she organises the first official choir practice.


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