Bob finally cottons on that Brenda has the hots for him when Terry hints that she fancies him after Bob tells Terry that she's invited him to dinner. Bob brings the twins along to make it clear that it won't be a romantic evening for two and he tries to talk to Brenda about her crush. Brenda is mortified and lies that she fancies Terry, not him, to save face! Jo meets with Mick and his grandson Lee to resolve the situation with the cattle. Jo is grateful when Mick offers to repair the broken fence, but when Lee invites her for a drink she worries about seeing Andy and turns him down. Diane offers to pay Mick to help Jo on the farm. Andy is annoyed, but Mick smooths the waters when he asks Andy about the farm's upkeep. Edna forces Lily to confess to the factory workers that she gave the car away. The factory workers are stunned, but are appeased when Lily insists that they will get the money owed to them in a month. Later, Edna secretly arranges to withdraw all her savings from the post office and lies to Lily that Peter is paying up. Also, Victoria starts her work experience with Paddy.

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