Lily struggles under the scornful glances of the factory workers when she returns to work. Val can't hold her tongue and lays into Lily, but Lily unexpectedly collapses. Val is unsympathetic and suggests that Lily's collapse was fake to gain sympathy. Lily visits Dr Abbot and confesses that her health has been dodgy recently, but she keeps her worries from everyone, including Edna. Andy is frustrated that Diane is paying Mick to help at the farm, but Diane refuses to take any nonsense for him. Mick's grandson Lee pops round on Mick's first day and suggests that Jo meet up with him at the bonfire that evening. Jo takes Lee up on his offer, but when Andy sees them chatting he seethes with jealousy. Brenda feels embarrassed around Bob after the disastrous dinner and she has a go at Gennie for interfering. Terry is chuffed when Bob tells him that Brenda fancies him and he asks her on a date when he sees her at the village bonfire. Brenda sees Gennie watching and kisses Terry to keep Gennie off her back about Bob. Also, Victoria steals a kitten from the vet's when she's worried about its unkind owner.


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