Lily goes for her CT scan and Rodney goes with her for support. Leyla sees them leaving together and gossips about them at the factory. Meanwhile, Lily gets the shocking news that she has a cerebral aneurysm, a swollen blood vessel in her brain, and she needs an operation to stop it bursting. Lily is in denial and tells Rodney that she won't have surgery. Jasmine is undeterred when Debbie warns her not to do a story on the dangerous MacFarlane family. When Shane joins Jasmine for a drink she asks him if he wants to team up to bring the family down, but Shane makes it clear that she should steer well clear. Later, Jasmine gets herself a trial at the MacFarlanes' club to go undercover. Anna is devastated that Donald has rejected her yet again, while Matthew meets the same kind of animosity from Carl, who is adamant that Matthew can't trust Anna. Matthew consoles Anna and tells her not to worry about Donald, but he feels guilty as he heads back overseas to complete the business deal. Later, Donald invites the Kings' client round to discuss business in an effort to bring down the Kings. Also, Brenda tells Gennie she genuinely likes Terry.


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