Debbie is appalled to hear from Chas that Jasmine has gone to the MacFarlane's club for information to use in her expose. Meanwhile, Jasmine goes for an interview to work behind the bar at the club and she meets the owner, Gary MacFarlane, but she is warned by the other staff to keep out of his way. Jasmine sees a teenager, Aaron, being handed a mysterious package and she realises that she has entered the lion's den. Debbie and Chas are worried when they can't reach Jasmine and they are forced to ask for Shane's help. Shane finds Jasmine and warns her that she's playing with fire, but Jasmine is defiant and refuses to quit her job. Lily arrives at the factory and has to face another tirade from Val about the raffle money. A stressed out Lily quits her job and is angry with Rodney when he tries to convince her that she needs to go through with her operation. Lily tells Rodney she doesn't need sympathy, just to have fun until her time comes. Rodney tries to protest, but realises he won't change her mind. Also, Daz is horrified when Scarlett offers to move in with him to help him pay his rent!


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