Jasmine is angry that Debbie and Shane have both tried to stop her investigation. She lies to Shane that she won't turn up for work then sneaks off to do her first shift at the bar. Jasmine notices Gary holding a meeting in the office and she puts her ear to the door. But she is unaware that Gary has seen everything on the CCTV and he instantly fires her. Eli is sent by Debbie to pick Jasmine up from the club, but he is stunned to bump into Danielle. Eli forces Danielle to reveal why she's not banged up and she confesses that a bent copper is helping the MacFarlanes and had her released from prison. When Jasmine hears the news she wonders if Shane is the bent copper. Jasmine confronts Shane, but he manages to cover and sweet-talks Jasmine into bed. Nicola is thinking up new ways to scupper the choir's success at the competition when the rehearsal is interrupted by the church assessor, who has arrived to evaluate the church for the closure proposal. The villagers angrily protest, but things turn nasty and a drunk Terry punches the assessor when he insults Brenda! Also, Scarlett's angry when Daz asks Jake to move in with him instead.


Regular cast

Guest cast



  • This one-hour episode was broadcast at the programme's usual time of 7.00pm.
  • Additional credits: Stuart St Paul (Stunt Co-ordinator)
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 6,210,000 viewers (24th place).
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