Irene lets Henry down gently, whilst Joe and Kitty's moment is interrupted by Simon.


Annie sends Matt to Darlington to find out when Dolly will be coming back. Henry helps Irene out at 5 Demdyke Row again. They're confused when Amos is frosty with them. Joe receives postcards from Sam. He's pleased when Annie and Kitty show him the food they've prepared for the Young Farmers Social. Amos complains to Annie about Henry and Irene. Henry explains to Irene over tea that he's gossiping about them both. She tells him she doesn't care about the gossip and relieved, he shows her around Emmerdale Farm. Amos isn't happy when he prepares Henry's tea and he doesn't arrive or call to say he's eating with Irene. Simon calls round to see Irene. Annie receives a call from Matt saying he won't be home until the next morning. Henry becomes irritated with Amos's attitude. Annie spends a lonely night at the farm. Joe tries to come up with games for the Young Farmers Social with Kitty. They are about to kiss when Simon pops round to say hi. He is surprised to see Kitty there. The next morning, Matt arrives back saying that Dolly's heard from her parents in the Bahamas and they won't be returning until a business deal has been settled, so Dolly will have to remain there until they return. He is delighted as he tells Annie that he spoke to Dolly's father and let him know what he thought of him. Joe admits to Kitty that he was feeling envious of Simon's life and dislikes how everybody in the village seems afraid of new ideas. Irene witnesses Amos being cool with Henry again. She explains to Henry that she isn't looking for a relationship as she was married for twenty years and is still struggling to get over it. She resolves to put a stop to Amos's gossip once and for all.


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