Ashley is nervous when the judge turns up to assess the choir for the competition and he accidentally knocks a curtain pole off the wall, clobbering the judge and leaving him with concussion! Ashley forces the judge to listen to the choir before he goes to hospital and the choir get through to the next round. Meanwhile, Eric uncovers David and Nicola's plot to develop the church and demands in on the deal. Debbie realises Jasmine was out all night and she confronts Jasmine about getting too involved with Shane. Jasmine defends Shane when Debbie and Eli refuse to believe that he kept Danielle out of jail out of the goodness of his heart, and Debbie is appalled at Jasmine's lack of judgement. Brenda gets paranoid when Val jokes about her weight and she considers joining a gym to impress Terry. An easily influenced Brenda asks for romantic advice from the more sexually experienced Val and ends up making a clumsy attempt to talk dirty to a bemused Terry. A frustrated Val takes matters into her own hands and tells Terry that Brenda really likes him. Also, Val decides to arrange a holiday for a tired and over-worked Diane.


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