Nicola's conscience gets the better of her when the reality hits home that Ashley and Laurel may have to move to Leeds if the church closes and she tells David she can't buy the church. Eric has no such scruples and tells Nicola that unless she sticks to the plan he'll tell everyone about her duplicity. Nicola is appalled when David sides with Eric. Brenda has been following Val's diet advice, but the 'cabbage soup diet' has left her with stomach cramps and wind! Terry invites Brenda for dinner, but her nerves start to get the better of her as she worries about her lack of experience with men. Gennie assures her that if he's a gentleman he'll take it slow. Brenda is feeling calmer, but as soon as she arrives at Terry's her stomach gets the better of her and she rushes off to the loo. Terry serves up stodgy chips and quiche, but Brenda realises there's no way her stomach can take it and she lies that she's on a diet. Terry is crestfallen when Brenda makes her excuses and leaves. Also, Val sends Diane off to stay with Bernice and insists that she will take care of Victoria.


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