Brenda and Terry are uncomfortable after the disastrous date, but they arrange to meet again. Terry tells Bob that his confidence has been knocked and Bob suggests he psyche himself up in front of the mirror. Brenda walks in on Terry stripped to the waist and practicing his saucy chat-up lines and is convinced he's some kind of sex fiend! Donald begs Anna to end things with Matthew and states that she has to choose between them. Anna is reluctant, but declares that if she is forced to choose, then she will pick Matthew. Donald coldly tells her there will be consequences and Anna realises she will need to confess to Matthew that she tried to ruin his business before Donald gets in first. Nicola discovers that David and Eric have arranged a meeting with an architect to talk about maximising profits from developing the church and is hurt by their deception. Nicola confesses to Laurel that she's considering pulling out of the choir, but after another conversation with bigheaded David, Nicola vows to win the competition and wipe the smile off his face. Also, Victoria tries to scam money from Val by pretending she's going on a school trip, but Val isn't taken in.


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