Matthew is picked up from the airport by a De Souza driver and taken straight to Donald, who tries to persuade him to dump Anna, but Matthew refuses. But when Anna confesses she was feeding Donald information about the Kings he is furious. Anna insists she stopped when she realised she'd fallen for him and she proposes. A surprised Matthew accepts! Terry blames Bob for his bad advice in turning Brenda off him. A guilty Bob tries to talk round Brenda, but she's still convinced Terry is a sex maniac. Later on, Bob has another go at persuading Brenda and lets slip that Terry practised in front of the mirror because he's been on his own for a while. Victoria schemes to swindle Eric out of cash and gets a tenner from him for 'dinner money'. After getting another fiver from Val she starts a fund for the New Year's party. When Victoria interrupts David spending 'quality time' with Nicola she blackmails him with telling Val about what he was up to in the living room and demands 20 pounds from both of them. Also, Andy asks Katie to be his chaperone for Sarah while Diane is away, but Jo isn't happy about it.


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