Anna notices Matthew's distant mood and thinks he's just worried about the King deal with Polek. Meanwhile, a horrified Betty and Laurel discover Donald's body at Holdgate Farm and break the news to Anna and the Kings. Anna is distraught and feels guilty that her father died alone believing that she hated him and she sobs a heartfelt goodbye to him before a guilty Matthew takes her back to Home Farm. Matthew drowns his sorrows with Carl, who is regretful that he didn't patch things up with Donald before he died. Carl picks up on Matthew's strange mood and demands to know what's up. Matthew cracks and confesses that he let Donald die in front him and Carl is horrified. Lisa offers to look after Sarah and Jo arranges for Andy to go round for supervised access to his daughter. Andy heads over and Lisa firmly puts him in his place, insisting she's helping Sarah not him. When Jo arrives to pick Sarah up, she's pained to see Sarah so upset when she has to separate her from Andy and Jo agrees to discuss more access with Andy for Sarah's sake. Also, Daz and Victoria get drunk together and are unnerved by a flicker of sexual tension.


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