Jo goes to a farmers' market with Lee and asks Daz to baby-sit Sarah. But it gets back to Andy when Katie notices Jo leaving and lets slip. Andy is furious with Jo as he assumes she's messing him around over access to Sarah and he storms over to Butler's Farm. Andy and Daz have a standoff when Daz won't let him in to see his daughter and Andy later tells Katie that Jo has started a war she can't win. Anna learns from the police that Donald had a heart attack and would have died peacefully. Matthew cringes, knowing the truth, and struggles to look at Donald's body when he takes Anna to the funeral home. Matthew is about to confess when Anna interrupts and tells him she wants to marry him despite Donald's death. Carl warns Matthew that if he keeps it to himself the guilt will eat him up. Jimmy regrets his scheming with Daz to keep Scarlett from moving out of home when he sees how upset Scarlett is. Jimmy encourages Daz to apologise and Daz tells Scarlett that although he is not ready to live with her he still wants them to be a couple. Also, Victoria needs a partner in crime for the New Year warehouse party.


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