Andy and Jo get into a confrontation outside Sarah's playgroup and are warned to keep it down. Later, Sarah is banned from nursery for biting. Jo blames Andy for disrupting Sarah and tells Andy his visit with Sarah is off. Andy gets drunk and heads over to the farm to confront Jo and Daz steps in, but Andy refuses to leave. Daz explodes at Andy in a fury and punches him. Later, Daz expresses concern to Jo that he might have the same violent streak as Billy and Andy. Matthew worries that Anna is in denial about her grief when she starts giving Donald's clothing away. Carl advises Matthew to concentrate on his work and give Anna some space. Anna meets up wit her solicitor and is surprised and touched when she learns that Donald ensured she had a guaranteed income from De Souza Enterprises and her remorse makes Matthew feel even worse. Terry has a problem when TJ is less than happy about his new 'friend' Brenda and he tries to talk his son round. Brenda tells Gennie she's afraid that TJ doesn't like her and Gennie encourages her to win over TJ. Brenda sees Gennie's point and decides it's best achieved by bribing TJ with sweets!


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