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The Farmers' Social takes place and Kitty convinces Joe to stay in Beckindale. Meanwhile, Henry makes amends to Amos and Annie.


Henry calls at the farm to apologise to Annie for not being around as much recently. She's frosty with him and tells him what Amos has been implying about him and Irene. He invites her to dinner with him and Irene that afternoon. Amos isn't pleased when he reads a note from Henry inviting him also. Simon leaves for Manchester again. Kitty helps Joe out with the final preparations for the Young Farmers Social. She becomes irritated when he mentions Simon. Amos drops some whiskey off for Joe for the Social, complements of the management at The Woolpack. Annie, Amos and Henry sit down to dinner at Irene's. She explains to them both that she and Henry are just good friends and intend to remain so. Amos is relieved that Henry isn't going to be moving out. The Young Farmers Social gets underway. Henry escorts Annie and Irene over. Kitty tells Joe he'd be mad to leave Beckindale, he admits he knows he would be. She leaves him and goes to dance with a prize winner she promised a dance to, and gives him a wink from the dancefloor. He winks back.


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