Katie feels no sympathy for Andy, who's sporting a shiner from Daz's punch. She warns him to straighten out or risk losing everything. Katie decides to pay a visit to Butlers, but fails to convince Jo to allow Andy to see his daughter. Desperate, Andy begs Daz to help him rebuild a relationship with his daughter and he reluctantly agrees. Daz brings Jo and Sarah to the Woolpack to find that Katie has helped Andy to organise a special nativity performance. After everything goes well, Andy misreads Katie's kindness and kisses her, in front of an unseen Daz. Katie is horrified but Andy is sure he didn’t misread the signals and calls her a tease. Katie is hurt by Andy‘s coldness, while Daz is in turmoil after what he's seen. Meanwhile, Lily is cagey around her friends when a letter arrives from the hospital. She's still preoccupied when Edna informs her that they have the money to pay back Lily's debt, unaware that it's her sister's life savings. Lily begins to mend the wounds of betrayal by paying her friends back, but goes too far in Edna's eyes by paying for drinks on her credit card as well. The drinks continue to flow and Rodney has to take Lily to one side for an explanation of her frivolous behaviour. Rodney is concerned when Lily refuses to entertain the idea of booking her operation.


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