Jo is hurt when Daz reveals that he saw Andy kissing Katie. Meanwhile, Andy is left jobless after Katie gives Andy his marching orders at the stables. Jo and Katie almost come to blows when Katie visits Butler's Farm but Jo eventually listens to Katie's insistence that she pushed Andy away. Jo and Katie have a heart-to-heart and Jo confesses to Katie that she wants to leave the village but can't bear to leave Sarah. Brenda screams when she comes across a shadowy figure dozing on the sofa. Bob and Terry rush to find out what's happening and everyone is surprised to discover that they mystery intruder is Jamie! Bob tries to find out why Jamie has returned from Australia, but Jamie is evasive and will only say that he couldn't deal with the snakes and spiders. Eric and David are chuffed when it looks like the choir are about to quit after a newspaper article supporting another choir, but Nicola is determined to keep the choir going and makes them watch singing nuns comedy Sister Act II for inspiration. Meanwhile, Eric and David are starting to suspect that Nicola has swapped sides. Also, Lily tells Rodney she's going to Carnival in Rio and won't be having her operation.


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