Eric and David can't understand why Nicola is going against her scheming nature to help out the choir. David is determined to get Nicola back on track and shows her a brochure on the dream home they could buy if they redevelop the church. Nicola is torn, but when she later hears Gennie singing and realises she's brilliant, she resolves to back the choir all the way and she makes Gennie a soloist. Only problem is, shy Gennie refuses to sing in public! Jo is weary of coping with her troubles and when Mick turns up at Butler's Farm to do his shift, she unburdens herself, and confesses she is torn between leaving the village and staying for Sarah. When Sarah later calls her 'mummy', Jo's heart is wrenched and she resolves to stick around. Rodney suggests that Marlon expand his cooking skills beyond The Woolpack. An inspired Marlon decides to set himself up in business as an events chef. Rodney books him for a Home Farm do and his food is a great success. Marlon is chuffed and vows to make a go of his new catering company to impress Donna. Also, Gennie borrows a pet snake to cure Jamie of his phobia.


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