Donna and Ross are back in the village and Donna promises Ross she will tell Marlon their marriage is over. But when Marlon excitedly shows her his plans for a catering business and takes her for a ride in his new delivery van, a guilty Donna can't bring herself to break his heart. Ross wonders where he stands when Donna reveals she couldn't do it. Laurel tries to persuade Gennie to rejoin the choir by offering to help with her nerves. Ashley asks Lily to show Gennie some of the relaxation techniques she learnt to deal with the pain from her arthritis. But Nicola interrupts Lily's lesson and after trust-building exercises still don't manage to help, she and Laurel have to resort to emotional blackmail to get Gennie to commit. Jamie is trapped in the B&B when the pet snake that Gennie borrowed escapes! A terrified Jamie calls Bob for help, but an equally terrified Bob has to call in Brenda. Jamie decides to come clean about his reasons for leaving Australia and he admits he was hounded out of Australia after getting in a fight with Aussie celebrity 'Hoppy the Roo'! Also, Shane is unnerved when Jasmine tells him she's going to enter her story on the MacFarlanes into a young journalist of the year competition.


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