Donna and Ross arrest a teenager for possession of drugs and Donna realises that he's Chas's son, Aaron. Ross interrogates Aaron over where the drugs came from, but Aaron smartly dodges his questions. Chas turns up to collect Aaron from the police station and Aaron gets off with a caution. Aaron refuses to have anything to do with Chas and legs it out of her car when they stop at traffic lights. Donna asks an unimpressed Ross to give her more time to finish with Marlon and tells him that if he really loves her he will be patient. Donna sits Marlon down for a chat, but ends up getting emotional and Marlon assumes that she is seriously ill. Donna gets sidetracked and fails to call off their marriage. Ross is crushed when he finds out. Shane buys Jasmine a pricey suitcase for their holiday. Jasmine refuses to listen when Debbie insists that Shane is a nasty piece of work. Shane takes Jasmine to a homeless shelter in a bid to make her give up her story on the MacFarlanes and write about something else. Debbie smells a rat and tells Jasmine she's sure Shane is trying to cover for the MacFarlanes and Jasmine feels uneasy.


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