Shane gives Jasmine some information on homelessness in the area to provide Jasmine with another story to write about, hoping she'll drop her investigation into the MacFarlanes. Jasmine has been rattled by Debbie's insistence that Shane is a dodgy copper and to test him she tells him she wants to pursue the story. Shane aggressively makes it clear he wants her to back off and to cover his outburst he bluffs that he's only worried about Jasmine's safety. Later, Jasmine is intrigued to hear about Aaron's involvement with the MacFarlanes and finally admits to herself that Shane has strayed onto the wrong side of the law. Chas visits Aaron's dad Gordon and finds out he's gone missing after attacking his stepmum. Later, Danielle turns up at the Dingles and tells Chas that Aaron is involved with the MacFarlanes and they are not happy that he has been questioned by the police. Chas asks Donna to have a word with the MacFarlanes about Aaron's whereabouts and she reluctantly agrees. Marlon insists that Donna takes Ross with her to question the MacFarlanes, but Donna slips out to the MacFarlanes' club alone. Gary MacFarlane refuses to open up and Chas is desperate when Donna returns with no further news.


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