Jasmine is hysterical after killing Shane but Debbie keeps cool and instructs her to help her bag up the murder weapon and clean their prints from the flat. Ross turns up to see Shane and catches a horrified Jasmine leaving, but she bluffs that Shane is out. Jasmine has to leave Debbie locked in the flat when Ross offers her a lift, but she later returns to release Debbie. The girls are despondent to realise that Jasmine has been seen at the murder scene. Ross tells Donna that Shane was out and comforts a distraught Donna, who is sure that Shane has talked to Marlon. A stunned Paddy walks in on them and punches Ross and demands to know what's going on! Donna insists that she's in love with Ross and will break up with Marlon when he comes home. Paddy throws out Ross and pleads with Donna to reconsider. Meanwhile, the Dingles arrive at the MacFarlanes' and manage to sneak Aaron over the garden wall and take him back to Wishing Well Cottage. They are nervous when Gary MacFarlane turns up but he agrees to let Aaron stay as long as he doesn't talk to the police. Gary tells a worried Chas that she now owes his family two favours.


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